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Blues & Soul Review – 23 Oct 2023

Snoopy (Independent Reviewer) – 17 Oct 2023

Internationally renowned artist Ciyo Brown has been a significant figure on the reggae music scene for decades, fusing an incredible mix of jazz and Jamaican beats which have garnered him much deserved acclaim. Apart from his impressive solo efforts he has crafted his stellar talent for sophisticated arrangements and groovacious guitar playing to collaborate with other musicians to forge some of the most memorable lovers rock classics. His melodic intuition has always been at the forefront of his compositions and this, his latest single – ‘Windrush Anchor Anthem’, created in commemoration of the symbolic 1948 Windrush migration – is no exception.

The almost nostalgic rocking beat glides along at a steady pace, with the focus on Ciyo’s mellifluous guitar prowess. Lead vocals are provided by the almighty Carroll Thompson, whose smooth stylings appear effortless but are actually considerably soulful and carefully considered. The harmonies add colour and depth to the sound, whilst the fanfare horns blaze and brighten up the vibes.

As a legacy piece the track works beautifully, its simple singalong refrain elevating the song to something both noteworthy and specifically anthemic. The dubonic breakdown works a treat and gives the delightful old-fashioned groove a modern twist. As a tribute – “This is for the Windrush Generation” – it proves to be a worthy opportunity to remember and celebrate all who have gone before. Vital and victorious!


Snoopy (Independent Reviewer)

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